An absolute must-have product for keeping your parked car safe from door dents and scratches.

Dent Guard® is an innovative, removable and patented dent protection product that offers vehicle owners the comfort and peace of mind that the sides of their vehicles can now have protection from dents and scratches when left parked and unattended in at risk carparks, airports, workspaces and public parking spaces.

‘The must have dent protection product that you can take anywhere and lets you park with confidence’.

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What makes Dent Guard®
The world leader in door dent parking protection

Every vehicle owner knows the fear and anxiety of parking in a crowded carpark, and returning to your vehicle to find an unwanted dent or scratch.

Though usually unintentional, even the slightest impact damage from a door-to-door contact or shopping trolley scrape is upsetting, and noticeable and can be quite costly to remove and fix.

Dent Guard® significantly reduces the vulnerability of sustaining dents, dings and scratch damages to your vehicle doors whilst parked in these public domains.

Carparks will always carry a high level of probability to sustaining dents to the sides of your beloved vehicle.

Dent Guard® Park with confidence!

Yes, abolutely. Your Dent Guard’s are only for use while your vehicle is parked and stationary. They securely attach and remove in a matter of seconds from the sides of your vehicle.

Please see our tutorial video on how to secure and remove your Dent Guard’s to and from your vehicle.

Our Dent Guard’s have two options for attaching to the sides of your vehicle. The most popular is the build in magnets that are inset into the Dent Guard itself and protected under the anti-scratch weather material.

The second option is our suction cup Dent Guard’s which attach your Dent Guard’s to your vehicle using our strong UV and weather resistant suction caps.

Yes absolutely! Our Dent Guard’s are made with a premium anti-moisture, weather and UV resistant polyester that not only repels water and sun but also repels micro dirt particles that cause paint scratching.

Our Dent Guard’s have been thoroughly engineered and includes a security strap that attaches from the bottom of your Dent Guard to your seatbelt tongue.

Please see our tutorial video on how to secure and remove your Dent Guard’s to and from your vehicle.


Premium Car Door Protection

With a mission to protect vehicles and preserve their pristine appearance, Dent Guard® is a world first and leading brand dedicated to providing high-quality dent protection solutions with a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Established with a passion for safeguarding your investment and ensuring your vehicle looks its best for years to come, DentGuard is at the forefront of vehicle care and side door dent protection.

Originating from a desire to push the boundaries of vehicle security and engineered to protect against everyday dings, dents and scratches that occur when your vehicle is left unattended. Dent Guard has continually evolved to meet the needs of our loyal customer base. Our inspiration stems from our passionate community of vehicle enthusiasts and everyday drivers who understand the value of keeping their pride and joy’s in impeccable condition.

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