Maximize Your Protection with our Dent Guard® Tips

At Dent Guard®, we don’t just provide protection for your vehicle; we empower you with knowledge. Whether it’s about making the most of your Dent Guard® or manoeuvring everyday situations to keep your car dent-free, here are some tips to have your back (and your car’s sides!).

1. Dent Guard® Maintenance
Regularly wipe down your Dent Guard® with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. This ensures that the magnets remain effective and prevent any potential scratches from debris that maybe on your Dent Guard®.

2. Store with Care
When not in use, fold your Dent Guard® neatly together and store it in the trunk or the backseat pocket to keep it clean and ensure it’s always ready for use.

3. End-of-Row Parking
When possible, opt for end-of-row parking spots. These spots usually have more space on one side, reducing the chances of dings from neighbouring cars.

4. Distance from Trolleys
Always park away from shopping trolley return areas in supermarket parking lots. This reduces the risk of a stray trolley bumping into your car.

5. Be Mindful of Weather
In windy conditions, ensure your Dent Guard® is securely attached to avoid it getting blown away. If you know there’s a storm coming, remember to wipe down and dry your Dent Guard’s® afterwards.

6. Spot the Kids
Children can sometimes accidentally hit cars with toys, bikes, or balls. Try parking further away from playgrounds or areas where children play.

7. Parallel Parking Precision
When parallel parking, leave ample space between cars. This reduces the likelihood of dents or scratches when others try to enter or leave a tight spot.

8. Watch for Tight Fits
Avoid squeezing your car into tight spots, even if it seems like a convenient location. The tighter the space, the higher the risk of dings and dents.

9. Light It Up
If parking in the evening, choose a well-lit area. This not only deters potential vandals but also ensures other drivers can clearly see and avoid your vehicle.

10. Educate & Share
Share your knowledge! Educate your family and friends about the importance of being cautious around parked cars. The more people are aware, the safer all vehicles become from sustaining dent and scratcg damages.

Every dent avoided is money saved on potential repairs. With Dent Guard® and these handy tips, you’re equipped to keep your vehicle looking pristine. Safe driving and even safer parking!

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