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The Genesis of Vehicle Door Dent Protection is here.

There’s a saying; “Necessity is the mother of invention”. For many vehicle owners, the heartbreak of discovering a new dent or scratch on their beloved car is all too familiar. With statistics showing that nearly a third of all registered cars bear these battle scars, the issue was clear, the solution, however, wasn’t. Welcome to the genesis of Dent Guard®.

Cars are more than just vehicles; they’re symbols of our hard work, memories, and even somewhat extensions of our personalities. Door dents and scratches don’t just mar the vehicle’s appearance, but they also devalue it, and often, the cost to repair our once pristine vehicle and investment just doesn’t justify the high cost of an insurance claim.

From this very realization emerged Dent Guard®. An innovative, affordable, and easy to use answer to the ubiquitous problem of vehicular door dents and scratches. With the aim to innovate a protection system that can easily reside within the vehicle, portable, easy to secure on and off the vehicle and ready to defend against the next potential and to be honest inevitable dents or scratches that occur when parked in public carparks and domains. Then we did it!

Trent Lecky founder of Dent Guard

Meet Trent Lecky: The Innovator Behind Dent Guard®

Trent Lecky isn’t just any entrepreneur. With a history of establishing successful ventures and a knack for branding, he’s a force to be reckoned with. As the creator behind Dent Guard®, Trent saw the need, understood the pain points, and set out to create a solution. A world first innovative product that would change the way we protect our parked vehicles.

Our Mission and Vision

At Dent Guard®, our purpose is simple yet profound; To offer vehicle owners affordable car door protection solution, safeguarding their vehicles from unsightly and costly damages from dents and scratches.  While our signature black and white Dent Guards have become a staple for many, we’re not stopping there. We’re continually evolving, with printable options on the horizon for personalized branding and colours, and the innovative Dent Guard® products.

Protect your vehicle with Dent Guard car door protection
Car door protectors in Australia

Journeying Through Time

Born over five years ago, Dent Guard® was more than just a creative idea. It underwent rigorous testing, with multiple prototypes being vetted across a myriad of vehicle types and brands. Design Patents were secured globally, signifying our unique and effective approach to vehicle protection. It’s been a journey of dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Proudly Australian

Our Australian roots run deep. Crafted to withstand the diverse and often challenging Australian climate, Dent Guard® is more than just a product—it’s a testament to Australian resilience and ingenuity. As we proudly stamp our products “Australian-made,” it’s with a vision to showcase this commitment to quality on a global stage, exporting Australian innovation to the world.

Black car door dent protection products

The Evolution of a Brand

While Dent Guard’s core remains unchanged, our brand has witnessed an evolution. From initial design concepts to the refined product today, our primary goal has remained steadfast: provide affordable, premium, and portable vehicle door protection. With every iteration, we’ve come closer to perfection, driven by feedback, innovation, and an insatiable desire to serve our ever growing and supportive customers better.

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