Dent Guard Suction Cap Black Set (2 pcs)

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Dent Guard Car Door Protection Set – Black – Medium Size – Suction Cap – Pair

The suction cap option is suitable for all cars, specifically aluminium or fibreglass vehicles.


Protect Your Vehicle with Our Patented Premium Black Car Door Protectors

Introducing our Australian Patented Car Door Protectors, the ultimate solution designed to safeguard your vehicle’s doors against dents, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. Our Dent Guard Set, available in a sleek matte black finish, is not just any car door protector; it’s a testament to innovation, combining durability with aesthetics to deliver unparalleled protection.

Why Choose Our Car Door Protectors?

  • Australian Patented Technology: Experience the peace of mind that comes with using a product recognized for its unique design and protective capabilities and granted an Australian patents.
  • Scratch-Resistant Material: Crafted with a high-quality, anti-scratch material, our car door protectors are built to withstand the weather elements, ensuring your vehicle remains scratch-less and pristine in any weather condition.
  • Suction Caps for Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. Our protectors feature powerful and secure suction caps, hassle-free attachment.  Suitable for all vehicles especially designed for vehicles made of aluminium or fibreglass.
  • High-Density Polyester Security Strap: Beyond just protecting from dents and scratches, our car door protectors include a cut-resistant security strap, offering an extra layer of safety against theft and tampering.
  • Stylish Matte Black Finish: Elevate the appearance of your vehicle with our premium car door protectors, a modern matte black finish, designed to complement any car colour and style.

Limited First Release – Secure Yours Today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be among the first to equip your vehicle with the highest level of door protection. Our Dent Guard Set in Medium Size, featuring the Suction Cap option for easy installation, is available in a limited first release. Protect your investment with a product that blends innovative technology with exceptional design.

Important Note: The suction cap option is specifically designed for easy attachment and is suitable for all vehicles, specifically made of aluminium or fibreglass. Ensuring your vehicle is protected with the utmost protection and efficiency.

Get Your Car Door Protectors Now

Upgrade your vehicle’s protection today with our Australian Patented Car Door Protectors. With their weather-resistant, anti-scratch material, suction caps, and high-density polyester security strap, these protectors offer the ultimate shield against damage, ensuring your car doors remain in pristine condition. Don’t wait—secure your limited first-release set now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior protection.

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