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Guarding Against Parking Uncertainty: Your Queries Shielded with Answers.

We know you might have a few questions before making a purchase, and that’s why we’ve forged this comprehensive guide, ensuring your journey towards optimal vehicle protection is smooth and informed.

Navigate through our FAQs, where we’ve tackled the most common curiosities about our Dent Guard® products. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us. We’re here to guard your peace of mind!

Frequently asked questions

How do I store my Dent Guard® when not in use?

Dent Guard® is easily foldable for convenient storage inside your vehicle. It’s designed with a user-friendly approach, ensuring you can quickly attach, detach and store it without any hassle. Please see our tutorial videos on how to secure and remove your Dent Guards® from your vehicle.

Can Dent Guard® withstand our harsh weather conditions?

Absolutely! Dent Guard® is constructed with durability in mind, especially given the robust Australian climate. Dent Guard® is crafted to endure varying weather conditions, ensuring your vehicle’s protection remains untouched in all the different environments.

Can I use Dent Guard® for promotional or branding purposes?

Yes soon! We are in the process of introducing customised Dent Guard® options, which will allow you to custom brand them for branding and marketing uses. Offering an innovative way to showcase your brand while providing vehicle protection.

How does Dent Guard® protect my vehicle?

Dent Guards® core is made from a high density impact absorbent foam that shields your vehicle’s doors, safeguarding them against dents and scratches from items like shopping carts and other vehicle doors in parking lots. With easy application and durable material, it offers instant protection wherever and whenever you park.

How is Dent Guard® attached to the vehicle?

Dent Guard® employs strong hidden magnets for external attachment and an additional security strap connected to the interior via the vehicle’s seatbelt tongue. This ensures a secure hold onto the vehicle when parked, while being non-permanent and non-scratch to your vehicle doors as well.

Is Dent Guard® suitable for all vehicle types?

Yes! Dent Guard® is designed to fit all mid sized standard passenger vehicles, with larger sizes coming soon. Providing comprehensive protection for various makes and models. It’s currently available for cars of metal value that magnets can adhere too.

Is Dent Guard® available for overseas customers?

Currently, Dent Guard® posts FREE within Australia and ships to New Zealand. We’re excited to announce that international shipping is now available in America, Canada and parts of Europe as we expand our reach to safeguard vehicles across the vast door denting globe.

What if I have issues with my Dent Guard® product?

We are here for you! If you experience any problems, refer to our Warranty and Returns Policy on the website, or contact our dedicated customer service team to assist you with your concerns.

Where is the best placement for Dent Guards®?

Dent Guard® have been designed to securely fit along the sides of most medium sized passenger and SUV vehicles. Though each vehicle is unique in its door design, our Dent Guards will find their placement. Our Dent Guards can also cover and protect your front door handles with our extensive placements of Safe Magnets inset into the foam panels which allow for various door shapes and door handles.

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